Message from the Global Co-ordinator

Every single day while spending more than $4 billion on war, 20,000 children die of hunger, poverty and a lack of treatment and medicines and millions of people are suffering a lack of their basic needs. If only a certain percentage of these funds were used for the benefit of the people, struggling to have their basic needs a lot could be done. We are facing Global warming, political instability, recession, terrorism, disaster etc. as major problems and the ultimate source of these problems is not external – it is us and only us, our current lifestyles, our historical choices, our way of thinking and doing with full of selfishness and our future ambitions. We ourselves, therefore, must be the solution.

With 2017 heralding the dawn of almost a new decade; this decade offers many challenges and opportunities to the leaders, scientists and humanitarian activists to show their capability and broadness and prove themselves as historic persons. One of the most important questions we are facing today due to the reality we are facing in the name of development is: “Do we really love our generations or not?”

Basis of any problem and solution is the individual. The present world situation is the result of our way of thinking. If everybody thinks about each other we would not have problems, but we are habitual in our thinking and define everything according to ourselves or group or community or country. Within dutifulness there is beautifulness. Obviously the basic of all problems is the way of thinking. If we, therefore, change the way of thinking, all the problems will be sorted out without any difficulty. The only way to make the world livable for our future generations, hence, is the revolution in way of thinking.

We are the sons and daughters of the same father/ mother – the nature. If we close eyes to realize it, we never need and want war anymore, because we are killing our own brothers and sisters and creating enemies by ourselves.  Now this is the demand of time to change the created enemies into friends and brothers and sisters. By doing this we can save billions and billions dollars every single day that we can use to create job, and to increase social security and social welfare budget. Only this way we can create better and livable earth for our future generations

Kindness, compassion and empathy are the synonyms of Buddhism. The eyes of Buddha are the insignia of love. Lumbini is the place where mind and heart take pleasure in for peace. This is the land when eyes are closed, heart opens. And Lumbini symbolized ultimate peace and harmony. Present world situation suggesting us that this is the very right time to spread World Peace Symbol Buddha’s messages all over the world. The Global Campaign to promote Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini, Nepal Belgium chapter is going to instigate Buddha and Lumbini related new web site and that is the demand of time. We can look forward to better days if we stay true to ourselves. Hence, let me end my message here with a big ‘thank you’ to each of you for your loyalty.

Engr. Ram Kumar Shrestha
Global Coordinator
Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement