LKGC met the ambassador of Germany to Belgium

Posted on / News and Updates / By Lumbini-Kapilvastu Global Campaign, Belgium

05 September 2017, Brussels: The President of Lumbini-Kapilvastu Global Campaign, Belgium, Mr Damodar Prasad Acharya, has met the ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany to Belgium, Mr RudigerLudeking at the embassy of Germany in Brussels this morning. The meeting was scheduled at the request of LKGC, Belgium. In the meeting, the executive board member, Ms Shanti Bhattarai and the Secretary of Non Resident Nepali association ICC, Mr Arjun Kumar Shrestha, were also present.

During the meeting, President Acharya told to the ambassador about the invitation which was sent to the ambassador last year to take part in the Int’l Conference on World Peace City Lumbini, Nepal in Brussels.

The bilateral meeting was very interesting between the Ambassador and President Acharya which was focused on the vision and mission of the organization. President Acharya replied to the queries of the Ambassador that LKGC is a peace movement to promote the message of peace and non-violence of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and also promoting Lumbini, Nepal- the birthplace of Buddha as World Peace City in international forum through the different channels like conference, seminar, info stall and peace march.
The Ambassador asked the President why it is important to promote Lumbini as birthplace of Buddha. President Acharya responded that there are dissemination of wrong information and misconception regarding the birthplace of Buddha in the textbooks of many countries, and that false information misguided the people who want to visit the birthplace of Buddha. In these circumstances, there was a need to provide correct information to the people of entire world as right to correct information is part of democracy. So our organization is also protecting the right of the people through providing truthful information regarding the birthplace of Buddha.
Finally, President Acharya told to the ambassador that now we have to work together for peace in the world and take control the escalating war of words between USA and North Korea, and find a solution through diplomatic level. Ambassador Ludeking agreed with the opinion of President acharya, during the meeting.